Not going to class tonight, just not feeling up to it. Luckily I have a couple friends in class and they agreed to let me see their notes. Still going to finish the readings for today though.

This is why I never check tumblr in class.

Workout/Diet Update - September 15th

Yet again, I have neglected to post a diet/workout log for the past couple of days. I have been maintaining my healthy eating habits, so it’s all good on that front. I have been pretty good with my workouts, except I didn’t workout Tuesday, so I had to push things back a day. However, I did run 3 consecutive miles on Monday, so I reached that goal. I hope to be up to 4 consecutive miles next week. I was going to run today, but it was raining so I decided to do Core today and I’ll run tomorrow and then Kenpo will be Saturday’s workout.

I’m going to try to be better about updating this, I’ve just been busy with class and stuff and this has just sort of fallen by the wayside.

This happened to me in class today.